Our right angle gears ZL series are not heavy and are silent functioning. 
The one body piece in alluminium is strong, the gears are Gleason and the bearings are overrated as well. 
The backlash is 15’-30’ and they are filled with lubricant for all the mounting positions. 
These right angle gears are available with 3 fixing flange, 3 or 4 locking through holes on the body, 2 or 3 shaft and ratio 1-2-3.

Ratio: Min 1/1 - Max 1/2 
Torque (Nm): Min 1,1 - Max 42
Power (Kw): Min 0,08 - Max 6,5


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Our company is not the Turkey distributor of Sesame brand but has been supplying the products of this brand.