RXP-E series for industrial lifting takes its origin from the standard RX to which has been given a secondary differential gearbox. 
These gearboxes have input and output shafts with wide dimensions in order to fulfil the expectations of heavy mechanical producers of lift systems, giving an optimum relationship between performances and weight. 
The planetary differential gearbox has a double input that can be found between the main motor and the lift gearbox, with the purpose to obtain two different speeds to the output low shaft. 
While one motor is working, the other one is constantly braking. 
The change of worm ratio inside the differential gearbox gives the opportunity of obtaining different output speeds, and so varying the relation between primary and secondary speeds.

Ratio: Min 1/31,2 - Max 1/568
Torque (Nm): Min 2700 - Max 177000
Power (Kw): Min 1,1 - Max 613
Center to center input/output (mm): Min 305 - Max 1090


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